Mediumseite auf Smartphone

Oh, Medium. You’re so very fresh.

A little conversation between Johannes Kempe and Johannes Schubert about the new logo of Medium in the kitchen of Hamburg.

Agency Life

Johannes: Oh, did you notice Medium has a new logo?


Johannes: No.


Johannes: Really? Check it out. Now!


Johannes: Ok. It’s a bit grey …


Johannes: It’s green.


Johannes: No. Just the favicon, etc. are green. The M on the header of the website and on the top of the app are grey. I don’t like these shades of grey. They aren’t really connected to the rest of the website. Should be darker. Or they should change the whole website.

Look: The logo typeface is just not on the same height as the navigation on desktop. Brrrr, ze Axis of Evil.


Johannes: Hmm. You’re right, Mr. Perfect. I think the design of the M is ok. What do you think?


Johannes: Yes. It’s ok. But #ok is maybe not the best thing that could happen to an awesome platform like Medium. Man, they have been the kings of UI and now they have this start-upy thing hanging in their corners. And sometimes it’s even turned off and grey.


Johannes: Look what happened to the homescreen on my phone.


Johannes: Hmmm. They are really trying to start again. Small is the new big, whatever …


Johannes: I guess they just want to catch a second wave of users to do the things they have in mind. That’s why they are looking so very fresh. Are they gonna loose us with their grey-green-generic M thingy?


Johannes: Probably not. Hmmm. Well done @Medium. I’m signing up now.


Johannes: Oh, you haven’t? Welcome to the jungle.

Text: Johannes Kempe, Johannes Schubert